Valerie’s Complaint

By | June 8, 2022

Just in case you thought Valerie Hayes actually takes her faith seriously, here is the email she sent to one of my email providers. It’s profoundly telling. She’s not worried about abuse in the church; what she’s worried about it not getting emails that she doesn’t like. What a hypocrite! And particularly telling is her comment “this has been going on for years.” That means she’s been ignoring abuse for years.

What a total jackass.


This user has obtained email addresses without consent and is sending harrassing emails and sharing those obtained email addresses so that I am receiving harassing emails from complete strangers.

Eric Bonetti’s initial email was sent from his iCloud account. Harrassing emails are coming from this domain.

This was his reply: – – – – – – –
Wow, have fun standing up there on Sundays with the Jesus-babble about “respecting the dignity of every human being” and working for “justice and peace.” Anyone who can respond like this to allegations of abuse in this manner is a hypocrite and jackass, and you have no business calling yourself a priest or a Christian, Valerie.

It’s moral failures like you that are the reason the Episcopal Church is dying, and rightly so.

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He has shared my email with others on his website leading to my getting additional harassing emails.

I am not the first. This has been going on for years.

Thank you for addressing this issue.
The Rev Valerie J. Hayes